Now that you’ve hopefully got the venue sorted, it’s time to tackle the smaller details of your wedding. There are minor things that people do not think about until it’s time for them to actually plan their own big day. Obviously there are other things too, like the dress! For the woman, it’s so important to get the dress right and we will cover how to find the perfect wedding on other pages of this site.

More things you need to consider are outfits for the bridesmaids, groom etc. You also need to plan some kind of entertainment for the day, in addition to decorations and more. It’s really a good idea to choose some kind of theme for your wedding, whether that be in terms of colour or something else completely. If you choose the colour gold for example, a multitude of details can be set around that like the bridesmaid dresses, the grooms tie and even the decorations.

One thing that can be quite stressful to plan for your wedding is a table plan. There might be people in your family that do not get along. Sit down WITH your partner and come up with a table plan that works best for you both.

Transport is another thing to arrange. This needs to be sorted for yourself, the groom and possibly guests too if your wedding venue is quite difficult to get. There are many ways you can get to your wedding – from a limousine, a classic car or even a tractor! Choose the way that suits your personality and set an ambience for everything else to come. The most important thing to remember if that you do your research and shop around. Don’t just choose the top company that comes up when you type in “wedding transport”, look for reviews and other information that will tell you if a company is reliable.