Exactly what you choose to do on your honeymoon depends on a couple of factors including where you are going, but there are general things that you can do in most locations around the world.

Explore the location

Your surroundings are somewhere new and exciting, so get out there and explore them. There are likely beaches, shops, restaurants and pubs all around you so spend time doing things that you cannot do as often when you go back to normal life. There might even be local activities that you can sign up for including a romantic hot air balloon ride and something a little more exciting like rock climbing. Do your research BEFORE you go on your honeymoon to ensure every day offers something a little different.

Get off your phones

Your honeymoon is a time where you should be 100% present and this means getting off your phones. Perhaps you like online shopping or if you are a gambler, reading online roulette tricks but now is not the time! There is no doubt that your social media accounts are being flooded with messages of congratulations but wait to respond until you get home. Make an agreement with your partner to put your phone on airplane mode for the entire duration of the honeymoon, it will make you feel 10 times closer to each other.

Take lots of photos

Years from now, all that you will have left of your honeymoon is a whole lot of beautiful memories and photographs, so be sure to take plenty of them.

Spend time in the bedroom

One obvious thing to do on honeymoon is to spend lots of time alone together in the hotel. From talking, kissing, hugging and making love, all of these things help you become closer as a couple and can really get you started on this journey of marriage together.