There are so many amazing honeymoon locations out there and where you go depends on a few factors including what you like and what kind of budget you have. These are some honeymoon locations that are definitely worth looking at in further detail as a newly married couple.

Paris, France

Paris is known as one of the most romantic locations in the world. I mean come on, it has the Eiffel Tower! The food, the architecture and the atmosphere in general make this a top honeymoon spot with couples all over the world and it is not as expensive as other places on this list.

Cape Town, South Africa

While Cape Town is not known as a traditional honeymoon spot, it’s absolutely beautiful and well worth considering. It has bustling nightlife, amazing beaches, awesome safaris and incredible landscapes. While this might not be the type of location for everyone out there, it will be absolutely perfect for some couples.

Venice, Italy

This historic town is absolutely stunning and a once in a lifetime location for everyone, so why not visit on your honeymoon? A ride on the river on a gondola is the epitome of romance and the local Italian cuisine is also something else that you can enjoy in this location.

Miami, Florida

If hot sun and white beaches are your idea of paradise, Miami is the place to be on your honeymoon. It’s an exciting and modern location with a variety of shops, restaurants, bars and other places that might interest you.


While this might not be the type of honeymoon that everyone can afford, Hawaii is one of the most stunning locations you could ever hope to lay your eyes on. The crystal clear waters and spellbinding sunsets are just some of the romantic things to enjoy in this location.